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Six Roles of Buying PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Six Roles of Buying PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Like every other business presentation, the one dealing with industrial buying process also needs to be attractive and to the point. Every presenter wants to be effective - make message easy to understand and memorable yet catch the attention of the audience. This gets perfectly easy with visual help but creating relevant visuals isn't a child's play. Thus, we bring to you our pre-made PowerPoint Six Buying Roles Template that will fit well with all your industrial buying presentations. Created by a team of field experts, the slides are commendably creative and to the point.

Truly versatile and user friendly, you can use the set for almost any industry and business type. Whether you have to talk to your sales work force or have to explain the tactics of buying in the market, the set will suit your purpose. You will have complete freedom to play around the designing elements. Now, if you do not like a certain color or font style, you won't have to include them in your slides! From background details and layout basics to color, font, and text placement box, you can change anything and everything.


Way back in 1970's, Frederick E. Webster and Yoram Wind, two renowned professors of Industrial Marketing developed a special 'buying center' concept for structuring large scale sales in the complex environment of corporate world. The concept consisted of 3 important aspects: Composition, Influence, and Roles. He suggested 'Roles' to be a 5 step model. Later in 1980's it was further expanded by Thomas Bonoma, and from its 5 step model it was turned into a 6 step model known as Six Buying Roles.

These 6 Roles include:

First, Initiator, it is the person or a system that identifies the buying need for a specific product or service.

Second, Influencer, it is the person or a group that influences the buying ideas, plans and decisions of a person, system, or an entire organizational set up.

Third, Decider, a 'decider' is a person or group who actually approves either the whole or a part of the buying decision that comprises of whether or not to buy, what to buy, how, when and where to buy, and so on.

Fourth, Buyer, is the person who has the formal authority to select the supplier or the provider from where the buying has to be done as well as to arrange various terms of condition.

Fifth on the list is the User, who is actually going to consume or use the product or service.

Sixth and final is the Gatekeeper who controls the information or the access and sometimes both of them to the people who influence as well as those who make the buying decision.

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