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In everyday corporate world, you have hundreds of messages to convey and tons of information to communicate. This leads to everyday scene of chaotic preparation of hundreds of presentation. But when you use age-old boring visuals to convey all the different messages, they soon lose all their charm. At the same time, audience also stop taking interest in your ideas and propositions, even when you're at your best. Thus, it is important to add all possible spices in your visuals and abandon boring slides. Just --

Most flexible and versatile, the set is just fit for any idea you aim at conveying. You don't just get to custom design the visuals and modify the layout with ease but actually get 35 Slide Man depictions. From showing business process to explaining project goals, you can make these cute creatures do just anything. So, make them dance, deliver a speech, fix up things with tools in hand, show the road signs, edit your calendar, solve puzzles or simply illustrate bewilderment with question marks hanging around them! This will help you make more of your ideas well displayed.


Slide Man depicts cute little animation of human like creatures with featureless smooth faces. These attractive tiny men are as attention getting as the little Smurfs comic character. They prove really great in illustrating important message. Just make them do anything you want and have them do it adroitly through the series of visuals. This can be anything from painting a picture holding a brush in hand, showing the road signs, solving a puzzle to explaining your business goals, communicating with a group, or dancing with speaking bubbles above their heads! They come in several varieties fulfilling your visualization needs.

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