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Slovenia Map for PowerPoint and Google Slides


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Slovenia is a European country famous for its ski resorts, mountains, and lakes. It has 12 statistical regions, and each one is clearly depicted in our beautifully-crafted Slovenia Map PowerPoint template. The maps are designed with great attention to detail and are professionally-built to serve multiple purposes. 

This versatile deck consists of several maps designed from scratch to avoid copyright issues. All you have to do is, download the PPT, choose the map that fits your objective, use it in your PPT, customize it if required, and you are all set to rock the presentation. Download it now for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides with separate files for each!

Serves the Needs of All Professionals

The deck comprises several maps; each one is HD and vector-based, allowing you to deliver the slideshow on any screen without fretting about resolution.

The maps can be used by business professionals, educators, researchers, and other professionals for illustrating information in a comprehensible manner.

  • Explain the team about new geographical areas where you’re planning to expand your business. 
  • Showcase the regions with a high customer base and sales.
  • Depict the location of business units, headquarters, and all the branches of the company.
  • Educators can illustrate the geographical, historical, and political aspects of the country to students.
  • Portray crucial information, like area, climatic conditions, GDP, population, density, sex ratios, major towns & cities, and much more in a visually appealing manner.
  • Travelers can use it to highlight the major attractions and famous places in the country.

Distinguished Features 

  • All the boundaries are meticulously outlined.
  • The important provinces are highlighted with icons of map pins and GPS tracker icons.
  • The distance between major cities is illustrated clearly in one of the map slides. It also features different transportation icons that can be used to explain how to reach from one city to another and how much time it will take.
  • There is an empty map of Slovenia which can be used by a wide array of professionals for varied motives.
  • You can use different colors to highlight different regions.
  • You will also get slides with icons of map pins, and Slovenia flag.
  • Weather icons can be used to represent the climatic condition of specific areas.

As the set is 100% editable, you can easily change the color and size of the maps. You can also add the desired information in the text placeholder in any font style. You won’t require expert help to make the edits. So, look no further and download the feature-rich Slovenia Map PPT immediately!

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