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Sri Lanka might be a small island nation in the Indian Ocean, but it is certainly making its presence count in the last few years. With the help of these high-quality and entirely editable PowerPoint maps of Sri Lanka, you would certainly be able to educate your audience about it.


Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this island nation is located in the south of India and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Originally known as Ceylon under the British Rule, it got its independence in 1948. The country has a highly diverse ethnic scene with a mix of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and Muslim population. It is also known for its rich biodiversity and tourism. With a population of more than 22 million, it has a nominal GDP of around $93 billion. Colombo is its capital as well as its largest city.

Major features

  1. The set features different kinds of Sri Lanka maps, focusing on various aspects of the country.
  2. There are dedicated maps depicting the division of the country into its 25 districts (and 9 provinces). You can also see its capital and other major landmarks. Furthermore, you can easily add your own content to customize these maps.
  3. There are also separate maps to explain the connectivity in the country, its climatic condition, and so on. You can alter them, add your own content, and give a final touch to these maps.
  4. Using these vector-based maps, it will be really easy for you to provide all kinds of demographic data related to the country.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you like to discuss your next marketing plan related to this country or would like to just educate your audience about its geography, the set will come handy to you on numerous occasions.
  6. If you want, you can focus on any region and readily use the icons we have provided to personalize the set.

Since it is a user-friendly template, you can simply clip out the map of your choice, include it in any other document, and make the needed changes in minutes. Yes – it is really as simple as that. The template is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

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