Porter's Value Chain Model

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Porter's Value Chain Model

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Value Chain is a remarkable approach to attain a specific task in the most feasible way by following a certain set of operations. Though, the methodology was originally developed to attain a seamless flow for the overall functioning of an organization, it has gradually made its way in almost every industry. The concept was originally introduced by Michael Porter and has been altered by plenty of organizations over the course of time to meet their requirements. Nevertheless, the core of it is based on a set of primary and secondary activities. Inbound and outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service are considered as primary activities. HRM, technology development and infrastructure, and procurement come under the cloud of secondary activities.

If you would like to bring a change in the overall infrastructure of your firm, then you should definitely introduce Value Chain model to it. Though, chances are that your organization might already be using it. With the help of this educational Value Chain PowerPoint template, you can easily share your expertise and make others familiar with the overall flow of it. Today, the model is used by professionals belonging to almost every industry. From Information Technology to manufacturing and healthcare to education, it can work wonders in uplifting the overall productivity of your business.

The template set can be easily used by project managers, business analysts, Head of Departments, quality analysts, company owners, consultants, researchers, subject matter experts, and more. We have walked an extra mile to cover every aspect of the topic with the help of these elaborated slides. These high-definition illustrations will let you explain the basics of the subject, various stages involved in it, a workflow of different activities, and more in no time. Use these visual aids wisely and draft a well-researched and informative presentation. Let your audience grab some valuable content by representing it in an interactive way.

Editing these professionally designed PPT slides won't require your time and efforts. One can edit them on the go and impart a personalized touch to it in a matter of a few minutes. Simply alter the layout and the overall content to meet your requirements. It comes in different color themes as well, making your job a whole lot easier!

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