Value Proposition PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Value Proposition PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Every presenter desires of making his presentation the most successful event. Devoid of apt visuals, one can't even think of such a success, forget about its happening in the real. And when you have to communicate as subtle a concept as ‘value proposition', visualization will surely have a most vital role to play. With our professionally built pre-made PowerPoint Value Proposition Template you'll get to hit the concept straight into the heads of your audience. Easy to use and handle, you no more have to spend hours creating your slides.

This is best way to explain your company's business model and let your audience know about the most valuable promise that your product, service or the business as a whole has to offer. It can be a specific feature set that makes your product or services valuable for your customers. Or it can be your manpower, ideas, concepts, and strategies that work together in providing the finished product or completed services to your clients. Or it is process improvement and offering of unique solutions. Whatever you have to highlight at, you can use the set to visualize your ideas. Simply focus on what you have to communicate and leave the rest on the slides.


Value Proposition can be defined as a business or marketing statement used for summarizing the unique aspect of your product or service that will persuade the consumers to buy or use it. This statement is supposed to have such authority and impact that it easily convinces a potential consumer that your product or service will add more value or provide better solution for a particular problem compared to the other similar offers available in the market.

According to one of its popular models, namely, Value Proposition Builder Model, a product or service needs to go through six stages of analysis in order to have the proposition finally stated. These stages include: Market; Value experience or Customer Experience; Offering; Benefits: Alternatives and differentiation; and Proof.

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