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This PowerPoint template has over 13 fully editable slides featuring a very extensive Vietnam map. Every state of the country is clearly defined in the slide and it allows you to add as much details as you would want to the slide. The fonts, graphics and colors are completely editable and customizable according to your needs.

All the slides available in the template allow you to showcase Vietnam's map in several different kind ways, thus helping you to talk about different aspects of the country while enticing your audience at the same time. With the template set, you can talk about the different parts of the country in detailed manner. You can add text to the different states which can either be highlighted by a bright color or they can also be magnified if you want to draw you audience's attention exclusively to a specific part of the country.

Apart from this, you can graphically show different routes or plans connecting different cities of the country. You can also mark on certain cities if you want to only talk about them specifically. The graphics are only chosen to help you in creating your presentation quickly, you can also change them if you think something else would suit your presentation better.

This Presentation template is great for an organization expanding into Vietnam and they want to let the stakeholders and their team know about how exactly the things are going to be done. This is also a perfect template for travel companies and agencies that plan tours to the country. Through this set, you can let your customers know about the different touring plans available.

Vietnam is a South Asian country located near the South China Sea. It is known for its rich culture, bustling cities and Buddhist pagodas. This country has had a tough history, the country was first ruled by the Chinese and then faced French colonization which in turn divided the country between two parts. The war got so intense that US decided to intervene in what is called as the infamous Vietnam War. While the war might be over, and the people in the country live peacefully now, you can still see monuments and graves that signify its intense past.

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