10 20 30 Rule

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10 20 30 Rule

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If you’re new to the PowerPoint presentations and not aware of the rules and tactics to make an impactful PPT, then download our 10-20-30 Rule PPT template. Striking shading effects, high-resolution illustrations, and well-researched content make this set a perfect visual aid to exhibit key rules associated with creating a result-oriented, impactful, and stunning slideshow. Talent acquisition managers, team leaders, and other business professionals can use these high-definition graphics to highlight multiple facets of this rule in a visually engaging manner while delivering the message comprehensively. 

Key Attributes of the Set

  • One of the slides depicts an illustration of a ribbon-shaped diagram that can be used to exhibit the fundamental rule: a presentation should have 10 slides that must not last for more than 20 minutes and should have a font size of 30 points.
  • The other slide depicts the diagram of tile-shaped infographics that can be used to demonstrate primary aspects of the rule. You can easily put the content in the space provided.


  • Every object of the deck has been designed from scratch to avoid copyright issues.
  • You can use any of the illustrations or the whole set in any of your existing or future PPTs without any restrictions.
  • Easy-to-edit; hence, you can customize it according to your preferences without hassle.
  • Perfectly compatible with major platforms – Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

So, download the template now for an exceptional slideshow!

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