12 Pillars Diagram

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12 Pillars Diagram

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Use our 12 Pillars Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides to convey your textual information effectively and help the audience remember key points for longer. The slide includes an infographic of a hut with twelve colorful pillars. It has editable textual boxes for the desired content insertion.

Business development managers can use this illustration to describe their organization’s core values or guiding principles. Project managers can illustrate a project’s key phases, tasks, or components. Senior leaders can also use this versatile infographic to highlight essential traits or qualities of effective leadership. Nutritionists, dieticians, and healthcare professionals can utilize the graphic to represent different aspects of well-being, such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep, etc.


  • The visual is 100% customizable; hence, users can quickly make the changes to match their presentation’s theme.
  • You can scale the infographic on any screen dimension without hampering optical resolution.
  • Our designers have conducted meticulous research to avoid copyright violation issues.
  • Assured around-the-clock available customer support.

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