3 Legged Stool

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3 Legged Stool

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The three-legged stool is not just an object, but it is a metaphor that is used in numerous sectors. Now, you can also depict this analogy and discuss it with your audience in a more interesting way with this set. To make your job easier, we have come up with this 3-legged stool PowerPoint template that features different kinds of vectors related to the topic. You can use any of these illustrations and make your slideshows a whole lot interesting.

What is the analogy all about?

The analogy is not just defined to a particular sector but has a universal appeal. For instance, when it comes to designing a product, it is based on three factors – process and packaging, quality of the design, and its application. Also, professionals related to retirement planning use the analogy to focus on three things – personal savings, pension, and social security. 

The analogy can also be used in marketing, healthcare, project planning, etc. Ideally, you can customize it the way you like by making the stool a metaphor of a system based on three major pillars. If either of the pillars would be broken, the entire system will be crashed.

For the best visual appeal

Sometimes, we all need to include the right visuals to make our presentations more appealing. If you have the same thought, then this editable layout will meet your requirements. You can easily include it in any document and later customize it on the go with your topic. This will make your presentations more appealing, and your audience would also appreciate your efforts.

Easy to use and edit

There is no need to have a designing background to use this editable PPT. Once it is downloaded, you can clip any vector from here and include it in your documents. Later, you can change its size, style, colors, etc. to make the illustration blend with your slideshow.

So many features to offers

To make your job easier, we provide several features on our products. Since it is compatible with MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slide, you will not face any issue using it with the tool of your choice. If you do, just get in touch with us, as it comes with dedicated customer support.

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