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The 5W1H is a widely used model that is used to obtain knowledge about a certain topic. It stands for Why, What, Who, Where, When, and How. With this model, it becomes easier for us to ask questions related to several domains. This helps us to fulfill our communication needs. The model is widely used in customer interaction, analyzing productivity, or judging anything. It is a six-sigma approach that is extremely used in problem-solving. 

Draft Impressive Slideshows

With the help of this editable template, you can easily draft impressive presentations. It includes a wide range of high-definition and vector-based illustrations that you can use on multiple occasions. In this way, you can easily educate your audience about the model. There are various illustrations in the set, explaining the concept in an interesting manner. You can cover each stage of the model and teach your audience how it is used in different ways.

Who can use it?

Ideally, any individual who wants to draft a memorable 5W1H presentation on the model can use it. This includes professionals belonging to sales, customer support, marketing, strategy, quality analysis, management, and more. Since the concept plays such a crucial role, professionals from all domains can make the most of it. Furthermore, it would be highly useful for trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts who wish to teach others how to obtain information.

Easy to download and edit

Using this editable 5W1H PowerPoint template is extremely easy. You don’t require any prior technical or designing experience to use it. As you can see, the set comes in different color themes. You can pick the one that meets your requirements. Later, you can customize it as per your needs. Change its layout, add anything, and alter its appearance in seconds. You can also clip any illustration and use it to draft PowerPoint presentations, Keynotes, or Google Slides.

The set is also available in different aspect ratios. It is based on a master slide, which would make it easier for you to customize the set.

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