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7 Wastes Of Lean PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

7 Wastes Of Lean PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Any activity or process that engages resources (employees, machines, time, money, etc.) without delivering any value to the end-users is deemed a waste of lean.

Removing the wastes from the work processes is crucial to raise productivity and achieve success. Since all the unproductive activities can’t be removed completely, it’s important to convey to your team the wastes that should be eliminated. Here, our completely editable and professionally-designed 7 Wastes of Lean PPT template can be of great help to you.

The key points are illustrated using eye-catching visuals to make it easy for the audience to grasp the information quickly and easily. The best part is, it is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. So, download it now and educate your audience!

A Layout for Perfect Presentation

The set we are offering here contains amazing layouts. In one of the slides, there are seven small and large elliptical boxes placed sequentially. The small ones depict the name of wastes, and large ones showcase the description. The other slide demonstrates all the major wastes in seven square boxes, using relevant icons. The different colors are used for all of them to make them look distinct and imprint a clear picture on the audience’s mind. 

Apart from it, there are some extraordinary features in this deck, such as:

  • It is entirely editable; you can scale the graphics, change the colors, insert/delete the visual elements, add/remove the content, etc.
  • It features only high-definition graphics for intact resolution.
  • It is a one-time downloadable and lifelong usable.

Download the deck and leave your audience informed with a winsome slideshow!

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