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8 Layer Onion

8 Layer Onion

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Download our 8 Layer Onion slide for PowerPoint and Google Slides to boost your presentation’s visual appeal and streamline your message delivery. The slide comprises an infographic of an onion, with each internal layer colored differently and adorned with unique icons.

Business experts can use this illustration to depict the organizational hierarchy, layers and levels of corporate culture, etc. You can also use this eye-catching graphic to represent the organization’s beliefs and values, problem-solving strategy, the core message with supporting ideas, and more. Additionally, you can showcase a structured overview of complex concepts, keeping the audience engaged throughout the presentation.


  • Regardless of the technical know-how, all users can make the desired changes without a fuss.
  • Since the illustration has been designed from scratch, no user will confront copyright issues.
  • You can project the graphic on any screen size without disturbing the optical resolution.

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