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It stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, which is a common chronic disorder. More than 10% of kids the world over suffers from it. While the condition starts in childhood, it can sometimes sustain till adulthood as well. As the name suggests, the disorder triggers a sense of restlessness and hyperactivity in people. A person suffering from the disorder would find it hard to concentrate on one thing and will often be distracted. It can cause behavioral and learning issues. While it can’t be cured entirely, medication can help in regulating it.

Every detail included

While ADHD is a known condition, a lot of people are still not aware of it. To educate others about it, take the assistance of this editable set. It has been drafted by our experts so that you can save your resources drafting your next presentation. It can be used by psychologists, healthcare professionals, therapists, trainers, individuals related to non-profit organizations, and so on. Ideally, if your aim is to create awareness about the disorder and educate others, then this would be a perfect template.

The set includes different slides to cover the topic extensively. For instance, you can simply provide the basic idea of the disorder and cover its major characteristics. Using these illustrations, you can also cover topics like the conceptual model of the topic, its types, causes, assessment, therapies, and other related aspects.

Draft visually stunning slideshows

As you can see, the ADHD PowerPoint template includes various styles of illustrations. You can find vector-based graphics of all kinds in the set that can be used in different ways. You can just clip any illustration and include it in your documents. This will help you elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your slideshows in an effortless manner. Your audience would also appreciate it and will be able to retain the shared content easily.

Do more in less time

This completely editable ADHD presentation will help you save your time while working on your next slideshow. It comes in different color themes, letting you pick the one that matches your present needs. Also, you can easily customize it with a single click since it is based on a master slide. This will let you draft PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, and even Keynotes with this template like a pro!

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