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Agile Planning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Agile Planning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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An efficient form of project planning

The principle is a simple yet effective form of project planning that involves working in sprints. This Agile Planning PowerPoint template will explain to you this effective form of project planning in detail. It will help your audience understand how a sprint, a self-contained working unit, can be better suited to get your job done. The set, with its creative illustration, will make it easier for your audience to understand the complete overview of this project planning form.

It will also aid in understanding how this would work better than several other project planning methods. You will be able to brush up on all the essential aspects of planning, including speed measurement, user stories, production, and the ready project. Your audience will be able to understand how this project planning form helps to focus not only on the current situation today but also on your vision for the future, making it as efficient as it is.

The planning onion

The planning onion is what provides the proper basis for agile methodology. It is the foundation upon which this form of project planning stands. The set will provide you with a pictorial representation of this planning onion. These illustrations will help you to explain to your audience all the individual layers of this onion. From the present-day planning to the long-term strategy, the set will allow you to brush up on all the levels.

You will be able to get across to your audience the working and significance of each of these layers individually and their link with one another. It will help your audience understand how the aggregation of all these layers does the spring project planning form and efficient.

Add a personal touch of professionalism

Designed by professionals, the Agile Planning PPT is all about engaging the audience with illustrations and special designs. It is designed to adopt various schemes for an enhanced learning experience for your audience. But what you present won’t be a simple professional presentation. You can customize this set, edit every slide, and rearrange text and illustrations, adding a personal style to the presentation.

With the vector-based design of the template, you will find it very easy to move around all the components of each slide, and placing them wherever you like, finding a place for them that you like. Along with the ease of customization comes the liberty of choosing your presenting platform. Choose between the three most popular software - Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. The set will prove to be equally compatible with all three of them, allowing you a draft quick and compelling slideshow.

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