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Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality is a new-age concept in which the world around us is augmented through a computer program or app. The concept is widely used in gaming (in popular apps like Pokemon Go, Zombies Run, Ingress, and more). Social media is another sector in which AR has seen drastic progress (Instagram/Snapchat filters). Though, it can also be implemented in other sectors like banking, retail, marketing, and so on. This is done with the help of various visual, auditory, haptic, and modulating sensors on the device. It makes a real-world perception on the screen to superimpose information regarding what is around us.

Uncover the concept of AR in detail

Since AR is still a new concept, a lot of people are not aware of it. Now, you can take the assistance of this professionally drafted Augmented Reality PowerPoint template and educate your audience about the same. The set has included a wide range of illustrations and vectors about the topic.

You can start by simply providing the definition of AR. There are dedicated slides that can help you differentiate between virtual reality and AR. You can also explain your audience how the concept works, cover its major tools, implementation techniques, models, future scope, and so much more. To do this, you can simply use the visually stunning illustrations that we have created.

Multipurpose application

From Instagram filters to banking apps and marketing campaigns to games – AR has made its presence all around us. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what domain you belong to, you can easily use this template to meet your requirements. It can be used by trainers, educators, AR experts, and related professionals to educate their audience about it. You can use the entire set or simply clip out any illustration from it as well.

Save your time and efforts

This is a user-friendly template set that will certainly help you save your time and efforts while drafting your next presentation. It is compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. It is available in different color themes, so that you can just pick the one that meets your requirements. Use its master slide to make quick edits and give a uniform appeal to your slideshows. These visual aids will certainly help you create an impressive presentation that will be remembered by your audience for a long time.

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