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B2B (Business to Business) Marketing PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

B2B (Business to Business) Marketing PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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If you are looking for a powerful template that is easy to edit and gives a profound message, then you have come to the right place. A must-have set for every marketing professional, this 100% editable B2B Marketing PowerPoint template is highly informative and aesthetically pleasing.

What is B2B Marketing?

The business-to-business marketing is comprised of numerous marketing models that are undertaken by an organization to target other companies. Instead of directly reaching out to its end customers, the intermediates or other organizations are targeted that often resell these products.

For instance, consider the example of Alibaba that offers a wide range of products to retailers who resell them to their customers. Though, in order to promote their products, the brand would take the assistance of social media, email marketing, and other marketing tactics.

Major features

By taking the assistance of this well-researched template set, you can easily explain the concept to your audience. It consists of numerous PPT slides in high-definition that can be edited entirely. Besides PowerPoint, the template is also compatible with Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

Made by experts, the set has explained the concept in an extensive manner. You can discuss the marketing models, the existing drivers, the overall B2B framework, the marketing flow, and other vital topics with your audience. There are dedicated slides that can help you teach how to develop a B2B marketing strategy as well.

Additionally, crucial concepts like Business to Business marketing flywheel, the recent shift in it, and accountability structure are also explained in these slides. You can even differentiate between B2B and B2C models through these illustrations.

Who can use this template?

Any professional belonging to sales and marketing can make the most of this readily available set. With minimum efforts, you can also draft an impressive presentation on the topic. If your aim is to educate your audience about this topic, then this would be an ideal template for you. Educators, consultants, project leaders, trainers, and all kinds of professionals who are related to the domain can use this set.


Since it is an entirely editable presentation, you can easily customize it in a few minutes. Furthermore, you can readily use it as well since the set has been drafted by experts after an extensive research. In this way, you can easily draft memorable presentations on the topic in less time.

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