Bacterial Growth Curve

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Bacterial Growth Curve

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Research and comprehension of birth, reproduction, and death of organisms are vital to biology. One of the most popular organisms is bacteria, which is widely observed and studied. If you want to present to your audience with concise knowledge of origination, growth, decay, and death, you are at the right place. Our high-definition Bacterial Growth Curve PowerPoint template covers all the essential topics within a bacteria’s life cycle. The slideshow for this PPT is presentable on both Google Slides and Apple Keynote as well. It can also be availed in two vivid color themes.

Pre-designed and easy to grasp

The germination of bacteria is usually plotted on a graph with the number of bacterial cells versus time. This presentation comes with self-explanatory and easily understandable designs of graphs. You can quickly forward the definitions, principles, and dynamics of bacterial growth to your audience. The four phases to the subject viz., lag, log, stationary, and death are all illustrated on graphs in the slides. Also included in the slides is the pictorial representation of the crucial process of cell division.

Personalize and present

You can rest assured about providing your audience with an exceptional presentational experience. The Bacterial Growth Curve template is a vector-based template set. This remarkable feature allows you to make desired modifications to the slides. Yes, you get the power to customize the entire set fully. Rescale, resize, remove, recolor, reform, move, any of the visual elements keeping the high-definition output as it is. You can also adjust the textual information similarly.

All concepts at one place

All the customization to the set of slides is achievable through basic PowerPoint skills. The set saves all your time that you were thinking of investing in creating a PPT from scratch. Impress your audience with simplified descriptions of concepts such as generation time, respiration phase, food to mass ratio, fission, etc. Teachers and students going through the study of microorganisms, biologists, scientists, and interested individuals will find the set right as per their taste. 

Well-defined and well-compiled

When the bacteria absorb nutrients and get ready to divide, it is termed as lag phase. Here there is no visible growth in numbers. The log phase is the next in the process; it is when bacteria grow in great numbers; the phase is also termed as exponential. When nutrients decrease, waste increases and growth slows; here, the number of grown bacteria is the same as dead ones. This is called the stationary phase. And the final phase is the death phase when only a few bacteria remain alive. Besides such an easy explanation, the behavior of these curves on different axes has also been depicted in the slideshow.

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