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Biohacking PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Biohacking PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Leverage our Biohacking PowerPoint template to explain how you can make your body and brain function better by making small, incremental dietary or lifestyle changes. Biohackers can use this fully customizable deck to explain how this do-it-yourself biology/biohack helps with a wide range of lifestyle improvements such as quick weight loss, improved performance, etc. You can also use this set to highlight how hacking your biology can help achieve the desired physical, emotional, or mental changes and optimize bodily functions outside the realm of traditional medicine.

Enable your viewers to get a better perspective of what you wish to present with our template, featuring distinguished layouts and a combination of stunning graphics and well-researched text. If you are looking for a minimalist and clean PPT to start your presentation faster, search no more. Download our exclusively-designed deck right away!  

Take a Quick Look at the Design

  • A comprehensively-designed infographic gives a detailed overview of the concept in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • A beautifully-designed wheel-shaped diagram with an appealing vector icon depicts the critical elements/dimensions of this concept.
  • A creative infographic with a human silhouette and balloon-shaped patterns describes why biohacking is useful.
  • The popular types, i.e., Nutrigenomics and DIY Biology, have been explained in a comprehensible manner.
  • The aftermaths of biohacking have been illustrated through a well-designed chart clearly and concisely.
  • A uniquely-designed pattern with distinctly shaded pentagons showcases how to upgrade yourself and the benefits that this process will render.
  • An infographic gives the different intensity levels of exercising with the relevant percentage of activity and benefits.

A Plethora of Useful Features

  • The all-in-one template facilitates instant editing of the color and size of the graphics and content to create slideshows that engage your audience.
  • Use it as many times as required after downloading it once.
  • Every element of this exclusively-designed set has been designed from scratch after putting in thorough research to avoid copyright infringement issues.
  • It is easy to copy any diagram or infographic from this set and paste it into your in-progress and future presentations.
  • A diligent customer support team is available to solve your queries fast.

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