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Brand Orientation PowerPoint and Google Slides Template


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Covering the Basics

For businesses and individuals to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape, they need to harness all of the tools available to them to strengthen their value propositions, offerings, and image. One of the most underutilized of these tools is the brand.

A clear and effectively structured brand can enable you to develop and maintain long term relationships, establish trust with your audience, clearly articulate your goals, and align decision making and behaviors. For this to be achieved, however, your brand needs to be central to your decision-making strategy. This emphasis on the strategic brand is known as your brand orientation.

Even more challenging than developing a functional orientation for the brand is effectively explaining the concept to others. But with our editable template, this process is easier than ever. 

Breaking down the components like a boss

A well-developed orientation framework is valuable as it harmonizes and informs internal and external activities and helps you explain why you or your organization exists and what your vision is.

Our Brand Orientation presentation slides help break down the complex concept into a digestible format so that you can clearly explain it to your coworkers, users and other audience members. This set includes charts, graphics and guiding slides on topics such as the Orientation Index, Brand Promises and Core Values, The Brand Pyramid, Customer and Market Orientation, Level of Orientation vs. Brand-Marketing Performance, and so much more.

In addition, the slides provide dynamic visual tools that can help you explain how your brand is related to concepts such as the leadership and management of your firm, control and coordination and economies of scale.

An editable set tailored to your needs

Our Brand Orientation PowerPoint template is professionally designed and can be tailored based on your specific needs. The set comes in different color themes, and the text and graphics in the slides can be easily edited, even without any prior design experience. Also, our vectors can be used across multiple platforms, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. Feel free to download it and use it as per your needs, whenever and wherever you want.

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