Bullock & Batten Change Model

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Bullock & Batten Change Model

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If you think that explaining a change model to your audience is a tough job, then you have come to the right place. This highly informative and thoughtfully curated PowerPoint template on Bullock & Batten Change Model will make your job so much easier. Use it readily or clip out any illustration from this set to draft a remarkable slideshow on the subject.


As the name suggests, this change model was developed by Bullock and Batten in 1985. The model is focused on different stages that should be performed to achieve a planned change. Due to this, the model plays a crucial role in project management as well. The four stages of the model are exploration, planning, action, and integration. In the first phase, we determine the need for change, which is followed by research and planning. The plan is gradually implemented and is integrated with the everyday working of an organization.

Major features

  1. In this professionally drafted PowerPoint presentation, you will find all sorts of illustrations about the Bullock & Batten Change Model.
  2. You can start by introducing all the major stages of the model and can later focus on every phase individually as well. Besides covering the theoretical aspect of it, you can also teach your audience how to implement the change model in an organization.
  3. To help you cover the topic in an extensive manner, we have also included dedicated slides about the benefits and limitations of the model as well.
  4. The template is entirely editable. You can clip out any illustration of your choice, edit it, change its appearance, add your own content, and do so much more without having any prior designing experience.
  5. It features high-definition vector-based illustrations of all kinds. The template is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.
  6. Available in different color themes, it comes with a dedicated customer support.

Who can use this template?

Every individual who wants to draft an informative presentation on this Model can use this template. It would be quite helpful for project managers, subject matter experts, business analysts, consultants, and every other professional who wants to educate others about the change model.

The template can easily be downloaded and edited. You can customize it entirely with a single click. Just select the color theme of your choice and draft visually stunning presentations for your audience.

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