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Configure Price Quote

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Configure Price Quote is a popular B2B process that can help various sellers to configure or quote complex products. These days, the concept is largely associated with different CPQ software and applications that are used in almost every sector. The concept was originally devised to resolve the conflicts related to combinatorial explosion and price quotation. It was introduced way back in the 1960s and was later linked with AI to create various automated tools that are associated with other domains like ERP or CRM. As the name suggests, it consists of three major aspects - configure, price, and quote. It uses these three variables to come up with a quote and configure products or services in the best feasible way.

It has plenty of benefits and can help your organization to create a CLM (Configuration Lifecycle Management) in the long haul. You can start by educating your team members and colleagues about the subject with the help of this professionally drafted set. To help you, our designers have come up with this well-curated and entirely editable Configure Price Quote PowerPoint template that can help you create a winning slideshow on CPQ. The concept is linked with profit generation and the overall working of a company, which makes it such a universal concept. No matter what kind of industry you belong to, you can use this set and create a much-needed difference in your organization.

From company owners and entrepreneurs to business analysts and project managers, almost every individual can use this set and take the first step regarding this crucial subject. The template set consists of different kinds of vector-based illustrations that will make your job a whole lot easier. There are different kinds of flow charts and Venn diagrams that are already created by our designers, letting you explain the concept to your audience in less time.

With the help of these visually appealing graphics, you can certainly let your audience gain productive knowledge regarding this topic. Break down the concept of CPQ into different parts and connect it with ERP or CRM. Cover the basic structure and consider every important aspect of it while providing in-depth knowledge to your audience about this topic. We are sure that this editable PPT template will help you save your time and resources. An entirely editable set, it can be customized with a single click. You can change its layout or background without having any prior knowledge of designing. Just pick the color theme you like and draft a flawless presentation. 

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