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Consumer Rights PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Consumer Rights PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Raise awareness about consumer issues

In the 20th century, lawmakers around the world tended to focus their efforts on protecting citizens from governments and their operations. Today, however, things are much different. The focus of lawmakers has gradually shifted to assessing the responsibilities of corporations to their consumers, including how companies respect fundamental human rights. This has resulted in the creation of a body of knowledge and work focused on consumer rights.

Although this field has grown significantly over the past decade or so, many consumers still are not aware of the rights they should be afforded, and many do not know how to effectively advocate for these rights. If you are a consumer advocate or expert and you are trying to educate your audience on the broad range of consumer issues, and how they should be safeguarded, then this Consumer Rights PowerPoint template can help supplement your efforts. 

Educate your audience

The PPT slides are designed to help you initiate discussions around a range of consumer rights, including product safety and liability, transparency, and dispute resolution. Additionally, these pre-prepared slides also feature content on the responsibilities of consumers to the spaces around them.

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In addition, we know that different organizations have different expectations and requirements when it comes to computer programs and systems. In order to cater to this, we have designed this template so that it can be used on Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

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