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Conversion Funnel

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Conversion Funnel is a visualization form of understanding the activity flow of a customer on an online platform. Activity flow refers to tracking customers' online activity of visiting a website, navigating to different product pages, and finally purchasing. This funnel is built to have more customers traveling through each page and finally completing or taking the desired action. This funnel consists of different stages that can help any organization capture customer’s interest.

Concerning this marketing technique, we offer you a ready-to-use Conversion Funnel PPT template that consists of multiple slides to let your audience understand its concept easily. The slides contain compelling and informative content that is curated by our expert research team to ensure that you get quality and authentic information. So, download it today!

Save Time and Efforts

The slides are designed to be fully customizable, which means that with just a few clicks, you can add or remove any content that you prefer. Other than that, you can even change the color, size, shape of any visual elements. All this is possible as it features HD and vector-based graphics.

Moreover, this template is available in two different layouts from which you can pick anyone and style it the way you want. Our professional designers have worked hard to make things easy for you, so you do not have to spend hours to design a new presentation. Instead, just download our Conversion Funnel PowerPoint template and present it to your audience easily.

What it Consists of?

As you know, this deck comprises of multiple slides where we have covered a few topics, such as sample funnel, Marketing Funnel, Examples of Facebook User Conversion, etc. All these slides consist of relevant data with visual elements in it, and you will also find slides containing infographics and sample text where you can add your own text.

Modifying the slides will not affect the quality of all the visual elements. Our professional designers have designed every element in this set using PowerPoint from scratch, so there will be no issue of copyright and quality.

Who is it for?

Ideally, this set is designed for everyone. You do not require any designing skills to download and use it. Whether you are a senior executive, brand manager, or marketing head, you can easily modify it as per the requirement to make your audience understand this concept. Moreover, you can download it once and use it whenever you want. If needed, you can crop out any visual element and use it in any of your further presentations.

Platform Compatibility

We have provided separate files for multiple presentation platforms. you can deliver information to your audience through MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. Moreover, you can present without worrying about the screen size, as you will find this set in different ratios - 16:9 and 4:3 that can adjust on both the standard and widescreen.

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