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Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Cover Slide
Corona Virus - Covid 19 Animated Presentation - SketchBubble Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Cover Slide Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 1 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 2 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 3 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 4 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 5 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 6 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 7 Corona Virus - Covid 19 PPT Slide 8 Corona Virus - Covid 19 Multicolor Combined

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Free Download

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SketchBubble remains always updated with the trends and news, so how we would lag behind this time. Our latest designed Coronavirus (COVID-19) PowerPoint template is made so that you can make many people aware at a time. It is beneficial for everybody. So, download this set, and let’s raise the awareness together. Just download it once and use it for the rest of your life.

Best Thing About Slides

This PPT consists of multiple slides to let you discuss everything with your audience. You can download it in two different themes; blue and multi-color. Both are entirely customizable. You can even pick any slide from the set and use it in yours. Also, if you find any image useful, pick and drop it.

What’s in the Slides?

Our professional designers haven’t left any stone unturned to make this PPT amazing. Each slide features important information like:

  • What’s Coronavirus
  • Percentage of patients in various countries
  • The complete cycle: How it arises
  • How to prevent yourself from it
  • Prevention and cure
  • What’s the virus structure
  • Origination of this virus
  • What are its symptoms

Since the template is 100% editable, you can add more data to it if you want. We tried to create a presentation that catches everyone’s attention. Therefore, we have added HD and vector-based graphics. You can scale, reshape, resize, and recolor them as many times as you want. The visual intact will remain as it is.

How It Is Made?

Each slide is composed after collecting relevant information through rigorous research. Not only this, but the designs, shapes, and structures are made using PowerPoint objects so that when you address a large number of audiences through a big screen, the resolution remains the same. We have also added high-quality infographics so that you can easily explain to your audience, and they easily comprehend.

How It Is for Everybody?

Since everybody needs to be aware of it, your audience can be anyone; students, employees, doctors, teachers, business professionals, etc. So, our designers have used simple and effective language for the content. We have kept separate files for each background, be it Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. It’s quite time-saving as the whole PPT can be edited in the span of the fingers without any editing skill set. Just click and a few edits. The charts and maps are editable too. All the slides are based on master slides. 

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