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Data Vs Info

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The terms data and information are often misinterpreted. Clear the doubts of your audience like a pro by using this educational Data Vs Information PowerPoint template. Clip out any slide from the set or readily use it to educate your audience about these two commonly used terms.

  1. Draw interesting details and differentiate between data and information in a visually impressive manner.
  2. From simple graphics to high-end figures, the set features all kinds of vector-based illustrations that you can readily use.
  3. Capture your audience’s attention from the start and be sure to leave an everlasting impression.
  4. Use these graphics on multiple occasions without any hassle.
  5. Compatible with PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides

What is included in the template?

Our experts have come up with an interesting and aesthetically pleasing presentation related to the topic. You can individually define data and information and can subsequently differentiate them on the basis of various parameters. Also, you can easily elucidate how data is processed to become information. All kinds of illustrations like flowcharts, tables, etc. are included to make your job easier. Additionally, the entire template is available in different color themes.

Difference between data and information

In a nutshell, processed data is known as information. Data refers to raw facts and details that can’t help us to derive knowledge. It works as an input and when processed, organized, or structured, becomes information. Therefore, information provides context to raw data and we can easily use it to impart knowledge.

Who can use it?

Almost every individual who wants to educate their audience the difference between data and information can use this template. It doesn’t matter if you are an educator, IT professional, strategist, manager, trainer, or researcher – everyone can make the most of this set. These slides are also well-suited for beginners related to IT or computing.

How to use it?

Download this template once and use these slides as many times as you want. Just clip any illustration of your choice and include it in PowerPoint presentations, Keynotes, or Google Slides. You can even pick the color theme of your choice and make edits on the go. Change the overall appearance or add your own content with a single click. Make the most of your time and be sure to impress your audience.

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