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Design For Environment PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Design For Environment PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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In today’s complex business environment, the one who is considering DfE (Design for Environment) across the lifecycle of a product is leading the market. Now, if you’re searching for a template to depict how to implement such practices, their significance, guidelines, etc., hold your search here and download our all-new Design for Environment PPT template. If you’re a startup owner, environmentalist, or senior business executive, then this deck is the perfect visual aid for you to convey your message and help your audience quickly grab all the key takeaways.

This entirely editable set can also be used to highlight key advantages of the method and how the integration of environmental awareness into product designs helps the business gain a competitive advantage, strengthen its place in the market, ensure sustainable and overall development, enhance loyal customer base, etc. So, make a quick move and download the deck without giving a second thought!

Key Highlights of the Set

  • One of the slides depicts a circular diagram divided into five sections. It can be used to exhibit all the steps where DfE practices can be implemented – Material Extraction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Usage, and End-of-Life Management.
  • Three rectangular textual boxes are presented in the other slide that can be used to demonstrate a brief overview of this method.
  • The guidelines to be followed while implementing the DfE practices are showcased through uniquely-designed boxes.
  • The manufacturing cycle is represented in the other slide while throwing light on reusing the waste before disposal.
  • All the stages of the product life cycle are depicted through a circular diagram.
  • The advantages of implementing this method are exhibited in the last slide.


  • Easy-to-edit; you can quickly modify the visuals and other objects as per your requirements without any inconvenience.
  • Reusable for a lifetime. You can use this PPT an infinite number of times by downloading it just once.
  • High-resolution graphics; you can scale the visuals to any screen size without losing the optical resolution.

So, download it instantly and add a zing of creativity and innovation to your presentations!

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