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Develop Deploy Connect Model

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The Develop Deploy Connect Model is one of the most important methodologies in Human Capital Development and Talent Management. While the concept might seem simple at first, it can be a bit confusing to many. In order to make things easier for you, we have come up with this comprehensive set of editable PowerPoint slides on Develop Deploy Connect Model. Not only are these illustrations informative, they are also visually stunning and will give your next presentation just the right aesthetic appeal.


The methodology is implemented after acquiring competent talent. As you can see, it is based on three stages - develop, deploy, and connect. Firstly, the overall capabilities and competencies of employees are developed. They are further stretched in order to make the most of the acquired capabilities. Lastly, high-quality connections are built so that employees can maximize their performance. The major objective of the model is to enhance and improve the productivity of the available human capital.

Major Features

  1. It is a well-researched and thoughtfully drafted set on the Develop Deploy and Connect Model. You can easily explain the model and its vital phases to your audience using these readily available slides.
  2. Simply clip out the illustration of your choice from the set and include it in the draft you are working on. These vectors are compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint presentations.
  3. You can explain the overall timeline of the model, which starts just after talent acquisition and how it leads to employee retention. Provide its overall structure and focus on every stage individually by covering its major steps and parameters.
  4. These vector-based illustrations have been drafted by our experts. You can use them readily or make appropriate changes as per your needs.
  5. Just clip out any illustration from the set and include it in your presentations in a hassle-free manner.
  6. The set can be used by HR professionals who are related to the development of their firm's workforce. Educators, trainers, project managers, leads, consultants, and subject matter experts can also use this template.

As you can see, the set is available in different color themes. You can just pick the theme of your choice to further save your time and efforts. In addition to that, you can change its appearance, add your own text, get rid of something you don't like, and do so much more.

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