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Digital Oilfield

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Digitization is necessary for almost every industry. In oilfields, digitization helps in improving hydro-carbon recovery, reducing human-force, and increasing profitability. Digital oilfield (DO) is made of a combination of oil-engineering expertise, advanced IT, and BPM. Our completely customizable Digital Oilfield PPT takes an in-depth look at these three factors. If you are a part of professional oilfield life or you are studying to get there, the PPT will prove immensely resourceful in understanding the related digital technology. It is available for quick download via our website and is offered in two radiant color schemes. You can also utilize its cross-platform compatibility by displaying it on Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

How technology helps here?

As in any other industry, the introduction of new technologies results in a better growth graph. Digital Oilfield PowerPoint template speaks how new technology results in enhanced operating efficiency, speeding up production, minimizing idle time and drilling prices. A digitized oilfield makes use of real-time data, smart diagnostics and alarming, integrated production models and data visualization. A DO involves training corporate people towards data analysis, monitoring, and optimization to achieve integrated workflows. You can smoothly forward the knowledge provided here to your audience with the help of this well-researched and compiled presentation.

Make it yours as you go!

You are handed the power to use the creative side of your mind, with no limits. This set is entirely vector-based by our team of professional graphic designers. This means all the visual elements can be rescaled, reshaped, recolored, removed or moved, without any loss in their high-definition quality. So, if you feel the need to make adjustments here and there because of the next session’s time or type of audience, be free to do so. Enjoy similar creative liberty with textual content as well. Add or edit any information that you’d like to present to your team. And all these modifications can be done by using your elementary skills only.

Download and display

Oil and fluid engineers, oilfield executives, individuals working professionally in fluid dynamics, drilling company agents and workers, data analysts, etc. all can leverage from this template’s knowledge. All the hard work has already been done for you, so write down your sub-headlines in the space provided. And save your hard work and energy that would otherwise go into creating a visually impactful slideshow from scratch.

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