Digital Skills PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Digital Skills PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Integrate yourself into the technological revolution

Technology is an integral part of every industry and profession today. But technology is rapidly developing. In order for us to harness its power, we need to focus on developing a solid set of digital skills that can be easily adapted. This is easier said than done. Many of these skills require a technical and quantitative background. On the other hand, many of these skills are based on specific types of qualitative analysis. Do you want to ensure that you or your organization do not fall behind as technology continues to adapt and spread? Then you are going to need to invest in developing a comprehensive understanding of the digital skills landscape. Ready to get started? Check out our helpful Digital Skills PowerPoint template to begin. 

Highlighting all of the key areas

Our Digital Skills presentation template highlights all of the key areas that should be of focus. These include the different tiers of skills (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced), digital literacy skills, and digital careers. This PPT also includes a helpful curriculum for skills development. Whether you would like to discuss screen time management, cyberbullying, artificial intelligence, or coding skills, this is the template for you. 

All of the content in these slides has been curated by our team of top-tier researchers. You can be confident that you are using accurate and up to date materials. 

Create a professional presentation

Using this set, you can create a professional and high-quality presentation that will blow your audience away. All you need to do is download this set and begin adding and removing the content as you see fit. We’ve formatted this set so that it is very easy to use, and once you start working on it, you’ll see exactly why. Want to add more flair to your presentation? This set comes in two different color palettes. It also includes a selection of icons, graphics, and charts that are easy to edit and adapt. 

Not an experienced designer? You don’t need to be to use this template effectively. We partner with professional designers who do all the heavy design work. What are you waiting for? 

This set is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. 

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