Drug Development Process

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Drug Development Process

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Before a drug reaches a patient, it has to go through several severe testing and clinical trials to ensure that it effectively deals with a particular disease and is safe to consume. We have brought you the Drug Development Process PPT template to help you showcase every stage a drug has to pass through before going into the market. Researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and everyone involved in drug development can use this deck to showcase different phases of the process in a visually engaging manner. Medical institutes can also use these high-quality graphics to explain key considerations to be taken care of in each stage of the process.

About the Design

  • One of the slides depicts a process diagram where multiple stages of drug development, i.e., Discovery, Preclinical Research, Clinical Research, etc. are showcased.
  • The other depicts the illustration where the stages of the development process of drugs have been segregated into three phases. The first phase includes discovery and preclinical that takes 3-6 years; the second phase consists of clinical trials that take 6-7 years. The third phase comprises FDA Review and mass production that generally takes 0.5-2 years.
  • One of the slides demonstrates the timeline of testing of the drug.


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