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E-commerce Funnel

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The e-commerce funnel is used regularly by web based stores as a process to win customers over by converting their browsing habits to sales. It all starts when the potential customer first becomes aware of your brand and visits your store. They view your product, but may or may not make the purchase yet. How do you as a business, work to get them to the checkout process? Finally, as a customer makes their way through the e-commerce funnel, the brand should upsell products at checkout and conclude with a final purchase. But the funnel doesn’t stop there, a brand has to work to retain their customer base too!

So how can you do this as an upcoming brand? Well, it is important for the entire team of employees to be on board and educated about the process and that starts here with a simple, professional slide presentation that will prepare them for challenge.

Get Your Team ready to Perform!

Instantly downloadable, our fully editable E-Commerce Funnel PowerPoint template can be used right away with no previous experience necessary. As an employer or trainer, you will only have to take the pre-designed slides, add your own personalized content (if you want) and present!

With the help of this professionally drafted template, you can untangle everything associated with it and let your team gain valuable knowledge regarding the subject. A must-have set for every market researcher, marketing head, entrepreneur, company owner, business analyst, sales lead, consultants, and more – it will help you educate others about the intricacies of the topic.

Compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides these fully functioning slides have got it all. You’ll be able to access them via the previously mentioned platforms from your laptop, tablets, smartphones, and lecture halls; the possibilities are endless! If you’ve been thinking about creating a slideshow on this topic and haven’t had the time to put it together, this is the optimal way to get the job done. You will save time and money with these professionally designed slides and we’ve practically done all of the work for you. Get started today!

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