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The employee lifecycle depicts the overall association of any employee with a respective organization. From talent acquisition and boarding stage to the exit and relieving phase, it consists of different kinds of phases that every resource undergoes during their stay in any firm. Human resource is the most significant part of any organization. Now, with the help of this comprehensive Employee lifecycle PowerPoint template, you can make others understand the overall lifecycle and attain productive results in less time.

This set will be of a great use to every HR professional. From providing crucial knowledge to your colleagues to training different professionals, you can perform various tasks by taking the help of these high-definition graphics. A company owner, consultant, or researcher can also use this set in their own way. If you are an educator, then you can definitely represent all the insightful details regarding this topic to your students. From HR heads to executives, everyone belonging to the sector can use this tool on numerous occasions.

The lifecycle starts from the hiring process and ends with the relieving of the resource. It consists of various stages in between like management of payroll, retention, increment, getting them familiar with compliances, auditing their performance, and more. Needless to say, it will help you focus on every factor, providing your audience in-depth information regarding the subject.

Bring everything together and focus on every stage of the lifecycle. Relate it to the overall development of the workforce and the organization. Integrate various dynamics of the lifecycle to demonstrate every major driving factor. From explaining the risk culture to including various HR tasks, you can touch every aspect related to this significant topic. It is a collection of professionally drafted PPT slides that will make your job a whole lot easier. Various kinds of vector-based graphics have been included in it. From flow diagrams to interactive illustrations, it has a wide display of information.

Now, you can certainly create your distinctive presence while preparing a presentation on employee lifecycle. You can change the layout, background, color theme, and almost everything in this editable presentation. Alter it as per your needs and provide your own piece of information with a single click. Save your time and resources while drafting your next presentation. Personalize it on the go and win over your audience for sure.

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