Firewall Vs Antivirus

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Firewall Vs Antivirus

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In cybersecurity, antivirus and firewall are the two concepts used to safeguard the hardware and software. These two terms are mostly used interchangeably, but differences exist between them. This Firewall vs. Antivirus template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides is the perfect visual aid to provide information on the differences between the two. Security professionals can use this set to describe firewalls as barriers controlling incoming traffic flow into the system. Antiviruses, on the other hand, detect malicious files and viruses in the systems to prevent internal attacks. You can also explain that a firewall can be employed using hardware and software, whereas an antivirus can only be employed using the software.

The slide features a tabular illustration showcasing the differences between firewalls and antiviruses based on performing operations, concerns, the basis of attack inspection, and more. A brief overview of both these concepts is illustrated precisely.

Impressive Features

  • You don’t require specialized skills or prior editing experience to customize the visual objects according to your preferences.
  • Every deck element has been crafted after thorough research to ensure no room for copyright violation issues.
  • The high-definition illustrations can be scaled to any screen dimension without disturbing the optical resolution.

So, don’t wait to lay your hands on this striking PPT to deliver impactful presentations and win over the audience!

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