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Franchise Model

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Franchising is one of the greatest business practices that immensely help in the growth of an economy. It is also very popular today due to the relative ease with which people can become owners of the franchise business and its proven track record of success. Our franchise model powerpoint template provides a step-by-step business blueprint that helps both the franchisor and the franchisee. 

How does franchising work?

Franchising is a very simple concept to understand. A franchisee purchases the rights to use the franchisor’s business proprietary trademarks, process, and knowledge and to provide services or to sell under the franchisor’s name. 

This allows the franchisor to extend the reach of his brand and his revenue earning sources without using large amounts of monetary or non-monetary investment. Our template contains different slides that clearly outline the franchise process and formats.

Franchising model made easy

Our template can help you educate your stockholders on the advantages and disadvantages of franchising. It can also help businesses by outlining the steps that should be taken before opening a franchise.

You can project your personal goals, expansion goals, and financial performance history on this template which helps to make sure that your shareholders and employees are aware of your vision and where your company stands.

No expertise required

Our template is very easy to use. It can be utilized by anyone even if they do not have much technical know-how. Moreover, it is applicable to all types of businesses. It can be used by the franchisor to help him expand his business and by the franchisee to operate a business that has well-developed demand and goodwill.

Compatible on multiple platforms

You do not need to change your platform as our template is available not only for Microsoft PowerPoint but also for Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

Comprehensive coverage of franchise module

The slide graphics of our template are vector based which makes them highly customizable. You can also completely edit the text, move the icons and resize the shape of each slide according to your need or preference. Moreover, the two-colored theme option gives you the freedom to choose the color that you find best suited to your needs.

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