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On the third day of October every year, German inhabitants celebrate the anniversary of the nation’s reunification after 25 years of its division, followed by the Second World War. The German Unity Day, also known as ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit,’ has been declared a national holiday by Federal Law since 1990 and is celebrated across German cities. The celebration lasts for three days, and the key highlights of the festival include ‘Burgerfest,’ live bands at various stages featuring comedians, actors, musicians, and poetry performers. A major city, mainly a state capital, hosts yearly celebrations. 

The German flag is hosted on public buildings, and the pictures of the Berlin Wall’s destruction and the Brandenburg gate are also displayed to uplift the spirit of patriotism amongst the citizens. There are various interesting facts about this day, which you can depict with our well-thought-out German Unity Day PPT template. Grab it now!

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  • The German map in the color of the nation’s flag illustrates a brief overview of Unity Day.
  • You can depict the traditional and cultural celebration of the day through a beautiful infographic.
  • Several silhouettes of Army personnel hosting the country’s flag present the different ways of celebrating this reunification day.
  • Using the four and five-step infographics, you can highlight other details of Unity Day comprehensively.

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