Global Circulation

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Global Circulation

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The Earth’s Circulation

Mother Earth has her own circulation system, which is formed because of moving air. Due to recent talks about global warming on the rise, it can do you good to understand more about such a topic. This circulation system can be easily described as the global system of wind. Such movement is due to the Sun heating the Earth more at the equator. All of this sounds like too much information to grasp? Well, our professionally pre-designed Global Circulation PowerPoint template is currently available. By using such an editable set, you can quickly understand such a concept. Not only that, you can use our layout to deliver an engrossing slideshow about the Earth's air circulation.

The Major Wind Systems

There are three major wind systems you should know about. There’re the Polar easterlies, the trade winds, and the Prevailing westerlies. Such a circulation process is a significant factor in the transfer of energy from the tropics to the poles. According to particular research data, global warming has been messing normal circulatory patterns and the amount of energy being transferred. You can talk about all of these things (and more) by using our reliable pre-made set. Our team of professionals understood such a topic might not be easy for everyone. That's why this template has preexisting content to serve as an outline. Feel free to use the content we've provided you with.

100% Customizable

Using an editable layout doesn't mean you have to stick to a rigid style. The pre-designed Global Circulation PPT template is 100% customizable. This means you can mold every slide to showcase what you want in front of your audience. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to ensure this set matches your style. Such a high level of customizability is sure to save you a lot of time.

Furthermore, the presentation set is available in two different color themes. You can opt for a more colorful option, or you can go for more subtlety. It really just all comes down to what type of look you prefer. No prior experience is required. You can begin using this set as soon as you download it.

Stunning Visuals

Our set features HD vector-based graphics. This allows for impressive visuals on every slide. You can resize icons and images without having to worry about losing overall quality. Also, it is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

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