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Hoshin Kanri

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Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese concept that is advertised as a policy deployment and management process. The strategic model can play a vital role in different domains and can easily be explained by using this editable Hoshin Kanri PowerPoint template. This comprehensive set has been drafted by our designers after an extensive research. You can readily use these illustrations and retain the attention of your audience from the start to the end of your slideshow.


The project management and deployment model define a strategic process that makes sure that a company’s goal drives its progress at every level. The Japanese word Hoshin means “setting up objectives” while Kanri translates to “management”. Therefore, it is all about the management of a firm’s goals and objectives. The 7-step strategic model deals with a firm’s tactics, goals, objectives, and strategies.

Major Features

  1. In this comprehensive set, you can find all kinds of informative vectors about this topic. Using these illustrations, you can cover the depth of the topic and that too in an interesting manner.
  2. You can start by defining the topic to your audience and cover important fields like the overall Hoshin Kanri model, its implementation, the seven steps, key elements of it, different strategic levels, and so on.
  3. Furthermore, you can also elaborate the pitfalls of the model, its benefits, its planning process, etc. You can also compare it with other models like MBO.
  4. One can find various kinds of flowcharts, cascade models, timelines, and other stepwise illustrations in this set.
  5. All these slides are made of vector-based illustrations. You can edit them as per your requirements. For instance, you can edit their background, add new content, change its appearance, and do so much more.
  6. The entire set is highly customizable. It is also based on a master slide so that you can easily personalize your slideshows.

The template can be used by strategists, business analysts, corporate trainers, project managers, subject matter experts, educators, consultants, or any other related professional. Not only PowerPoint, the template set is also compatible with Apple Keynote and Google Slides. Having vector-based illustrations, it is available in different color themes and comes with a dedicated customer support as well.

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