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Ikigai Diagram

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An insightful awareness of life 

Throughout history, numerous philosophers and writers have tackled the concept of the meaning of life. This has resulted in the creation of several theories, frameworks, and guidelines. One of the most revered of these is the Ikigai Diagram. It brings together ideas about the meaning of life and an individual’s pursuit of their goals and aspirations. This framework is regularly applied to the personal and professional realms of life. It touches on components of life such as profession, vocation, passion, and mission. Does this sound like a framework that would be of use to you or your peers? Do you want to share it with them and start a robust discussion around its impact? Our Ikigai Diagram PowerPoint template can be the perfect supplement during this process.

Communicate with your audience using helpful visual assets

The topic is particularly impactful because it is a visual representation of multiple concepts. Visual aids are widely recognized as helpful when trying to break down and represent complex concepts. This Ikigai Diagram PPT features numerous diagrams in multiple forms. Each of these visuals has been formatted so that they are in HD vector format. This means that they are easy to edit and adapt based on your own needs. This also means that they are high-quality. 

Plug and play with slides

This set features a range of pre-prepared slides that summarize what the Ikigai graphics are. These slides can be used to explain this framework to your peers. The vectors can also be separated and inserted into your pre-existing materials such as presentations and posters. 

All of the materials in this set have been designed by professional designers who are both talented and experienced. These designers have worked hard to ensure this layout is easy to edit and navigate. Further, they have designed this set is available in two different color schemes. It is also compatible with numerous applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. 

Since the set is based on a master slide, you can easily make uniform edits on the go. Don’t wait anymore - download this layout and get ready to wow your audience!

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