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Intranet is a private communication network, which an organization uses to help its workforce securely communicate and collaborate. We have brought you a thoroughly-researched Intranet PPT template to showcase all this while depicting the primary uses of intranet, its types, and other facets in an eye-pleasing manner. IT professionals can use this graphic-rich set to portray whether an organization should go with a cloud-based or on-premise intranet. You can also highlight how the intranet is different from the internet in an easy-to-comprehend and visually engaging manner. So, download this PowerPoint template now!

A Quick Glance at the Design

  • Potential features of the intranet are exhibited via an innovatively designed infographic comprising several elliptical-shaped textual boxes with appealing icons.
  • A brief overview is portrayed using computer-monitor infographics.
  • The applications of the intranet are depicted through an eye-pleasing hexagon illustration.
  • The levels of security in internal and external intranet are presented through a well-designed illustration.
  • The advantages of the private communication network are illustrated via another beautiful layout.
  • The disadvantages are presented through a ladder-shaped diagram.

Enthralling Features

  • You can make the desired customizations without investing much time and effort.
  • By downloading the deck once, you can use it an end number of times.
  • The visuals and other elements can be scaled to any extent without fretting about the resolution.
  • Each object is designed from scratch to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Download the set now and deliver applause-winning presentations! 

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