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Inverted ORG Chart

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Download our Inverted Org Chart PPT template to illustrate an upside-down hierarchy where the top of the organization chart is represented by the customer and the bottom is represented by the managers. Business leaders can use the deck to showcase how this chart makes every employee feel like they are a valuable part of the company. Consultants and advisors can leverage the 100% editable set to portray how the upside-down organizational structure promotes development, resolves the three major problems with top-down hierarchy (lack of agility, ignorance, and demotivation), and drives collaboration. The role of management in implementing this inverted pyramid can also be beautifully portrayed using these appealing PowerPoint slides. 

A Sneak Peek into the PPT

  • An inverted flowchart illustration depicts the hierarchy of an organization.
  • You can showcase the chain of command between senior management, middle management, supporting staff, and customers.
  • Another flowchart illustration depicts customers at the top and senior management at the bottom.

Salient Features

  • All visuals offer hassle-free editing; hence, the users can conveniently make the desired changes.
  • The high-definition illustrations offer the same resolution on all screen sizes.
  • By downloading the set once, you get lifetime ownership.
  • Our 24*7 available customer support executives are there to address all your concerns and queries at the earliest.

Make these slides yours now and present award-winning presentations! 

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