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Investment Banking PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Investment Banking PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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The topic is quite different from commercial banking, which is primarily concerned with deposits and commercial loans. IB acts as an intermediary body between corporations who need capital to grow and investors who are looking for opportunities to invest their money in. 

What is the topic all about?

This special branch of banking offers financial advice to institutional investors and assists them in raising the capital. Also, they provide a wide range of financial services about proprietary trading, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance, debt reconstructing, and much more. Moreover, they maintain a considerable share of the underwriting of initial public offerings as well as new debt in the placement of new stocks.

Outlines the scope of duties performed by IB

Companies that seek out an investment relationship are looking for a financial partner that can expertly guide them through the complex landscape of financing a business and managing its assets. It is the job of investment bankers to offer executive strategic planning advice. But how can investment bankers make sure that the corporations understand the scope of their duties? The answer is with the help of visual aid.

Our template helps investment bankers make sure that corporations fully understand the difference between an investment bank and a commercial bank. This set clearly outlines the typical areas that are covered by these specialized bankers thus making it easier for organizations to understand how these bankers can help their business to grow. Our Investment Banking PPT template has various detailed slides, which further help bankers to express their views to their clients.

New to presentation making?

Even if you are a novice in making a slideshow, you can quickly work on professional-looking presentations with the help of this set. You can edit texts, change the color or font of this highly customizable set, and do so much more.

Can be used for educational purposes

This set can be used by teachers and professors to make it easier for their students to understand what exactly the job of an investment banker is, their functions, and the extent of their capabilities as well as the overall process.

Moreover, this Investment banking presentation template is available not only for Microsoft PowerPoint but also for Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

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