Industrial Organizational Psychology

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Make your audience familiar with the concept of Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology with this professionally designed PowerPoint template. It features high-definition slides that are both, visually appealing and informative.

IO (Industrial Organizational) Psychology is ideally the application of psychology in work and professional behavior. You might already know that psychology is the study of human behavior and various mental processes. When the approach is implemented with respect to an organization and its workforce, it is referred as IO psychology. It is considered as a vital area of psychology as it deals with the effect of work settings and behavior extensively. The methodology includes policy planning, employee evaluation, training and development, workplace improvement, and so on.

Who can use this template?

Any individual who is associated with the scientific study of organizational psychology can use this set. The concept touches other verticals like training, recruitment, and employee retention. Therefore, it should be taught to every HR professional as well. If you are a trainer, a psychologist, an expert, a consultant, or a specialist, then you can easily educate your audience about IO psychology with this set. It can also be used by educators or HR managers to help their audience learn this crucial subject in an interesting way.

It consists of:

This is a well-researched and thoughtfully drafted set that has covered the subject of Industrial Organizational Psychology in an extensive manner.

You can use these readily available PPT slides to define the subject, cover its framework, overall models, its steps, and more.

Furthermore, you can teach your audience the difference between an industrial and organizational psychology.

Explain your audience the importance of the subject and how it affects an employee’s growth in an organization.

You can also cover various fields of IO psychology and its available job roles using these interactive graphics.

How to use it?

After downloading the template, you can edit it in no time. If you want, you can use it the way it is or customize it as per your needs. From changing the overall appearance of these illustrations to adding your own content, you can do it all with a single click. Since it is available in different themes, you can pick the color that goes well with the tone of your organization. The set will certainly let you draft an outstanding presentation in less time.

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