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ISO 20022 PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

ISO 20022 PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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ISO 20022 is a framework that creates a model or a common language for payments across the world. That means it is used for exchanging any message between any institutions. This framework was developed to improve communication, get everyone on the same track, etc.

This is a complex subject that has practical applications in many online platforms. Describing its concept and different aspects can be easily done with the help of our pre-designed ISO 20022 PPT template. It offers you all the features and tools you needed in your presentation to deliver such a topic adequately. So, download it today!

Topics Included

This is an interesting but fundamental concept, which is not popular among many people working in an organization. So, we have designed this set to help save your time and efforts by including below mentioned topics in it.

  • ISO 20022 Financial Messaging
  • Its Implementation
  • Its Registration and Development Process
  • Why ISO 20022 Convergence in the Cooperative Space?
  • Its Compliance at Model Level

Who can Use this Deck?

Any organization, be it small or large, public or private, can implement this standard to create a model for payments. Get this fully editable PowerPoint template, which provides vector-based visuals to help your audience understand the concept well. This can be used by anyone who is related to the business. Maybe a Borad Member, senior executive, or any start-up owner to draft an informative presentation on a particular topic.

Significant Features for Stunning Output

  1. Download and use it on any platform like MS PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote
  2. Reference content given in the slides can be easily edited or replaced by additional content
  3. You can easily modify it. No matter how much you adjust graphics or any slide, there will be no effect on the quality.

Deliver PPT in Eye-Catching Way

Such topics sometimes might bore the audiences; therefore, it is vital to keep viewers engaged while talking about these technical aspects. Below mentioned are the points that can help you do so:

  • Choose the best color layout: Our pre-designed set is available in 2 excellent color themes where you get an option to pick the one that goes best with your message
  • Easy to customize: The texts you put in the slides are essential when trying to design an engaging and impactful presentation. This PPT is 100% editable, which means you can quickly adjust the text and the fonts to make them easy-to-read and is compelling as well.
  • Entirely editable graphics: The best way to make your presentation more impactful is to use some visual or graphic aid. We have used images, icons, pictures, graphs, and diagrams to explain vital information. This will not only engage audiences, but it will also leave a mark on audiences, which will help them remember the content for a longer time.

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