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Issue Tree

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This is a commonly implemented technique that helps us understand (and even resolve) an issue based on different hypotheses. The framework mostly helps in resolving a business or strategic problem by segregating it into different branches. It follows a structural design that starts with the root cause or issue and follows an overlapping set of solutions. The first set is further branched into different levels until the solutions become unique (non-overlapping). This gives us different solutions to a root issue, and we can also test a hypothesis to solve it. 

Since the topic can be a bit complex, you should use the right visual aids to explain it. This Issue Tree presentation will help you do the same in less time.

It’s all about the details!

One of the best things about these diagrams is how detailed they are. They start from the core issue and gradually dig deeper into different levels to answer a question. In this way, you can uncover the issue and get several solutions to the problem. For the same purpose, our designers have come up with different kinds of tree-structured illustrations in this PPT template. You can just clip out any illustration of your choice and include it in your documents to further customize them. There are also some pre-made graphics of some common problems that you can just readily use.

Catered to a Wide Range of Professionals

Since the topic is universally known, professionals belonging to all fields can use this Issue Tree PowerPoint template. Not just MS PowerPoint, you can also include these graphics in Apple Keynotes, and Google Slides as well. The set can be used by project managers, leads, departmental heads, analysts, strategists, entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, and every other individual. For instance, you can try to uncover issues about the designing of a product, the failure of your marketing strategy, the current HR policies, and so much more. Needless to say, when it comes to the implementation of these slides, the sky is the limit here.

All set to Impress Others

Equipped with tons of features, this editable template will be extremely resourceful on different occasions. You can use these diagrams with different applications and come up with engaging slideshows in no time. Also, the template is available in two color themes and comes with dedicated customer support. Feel free to download it and use it to draft engaging slideshows on the go.

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