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Job Design PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Job Design PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Organizing work into smaller tasks that are required to perform a specific job is Job Design. It involves the efforts, i.e., to organize tasks, responsibilities, and duties into smaller units to achieve a particular goal. Human habits, attitudes, and characteristics are all taken into consideration while carrying out this method.

Every Human Resource team of an organization needs to design a job as it would help them get the best and desired candidate for a particular profile. So if you want your team to focus on this concept, the best way is to brief them by a presentation. It is ideal for everyone. If you are an HR head or a trainer, educate your juniors or team about this concept and upgrade the system using our Job Design PPT template which has also below mentioned topics covered:

  • Job Design Decision
  • Design Model of Hackman & Oldham
  • It's methods
  • Issues in Designing
  • Various Techniques & Approaches

Make Aware About Topic in Better Way

It is imperative to design any job as it is a function of staffing. If the jobs are designed in a productive manner, there will be a probability of getting highly efficient employees joining the organization. Candidates will be motivated and will help you improve the profitability and productivity of the organization. 

Now draft a remarkable presentation on any topic without spending hours. Our professional designers have designed this template, which is for your convenience and has also covered all the crucial topics related to the concept.

Explore more features

The template is not only informative, but it is also packed with a lot of features for you. Features are mentioned below:

  • The set is entirely editable and can be customized using MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.
  • Add or remove any visual element. Not only this, you can even scale, recolor, resize any element. No matter how much you modify, the quality will remain the same.
  • It comes in different color themes: blue and multi-colored. 
  • You will also find an additional slide with vector icons in it, which can be reused in future presentations.
  • Use this set for both standard screen and widescreen layouts.
  • You do not have to be a designer for downloading and modifying this template. You can edit it without any designing skills.

Download this resourceful slideshow and be ready to draft remarkable presentations.

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