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An intuitive model for information processing

Self-awareness is a critical component of every individual’s growth and personal development journey. There are numerous self-awareness-related models out there, which aim to map out the relationship and impact of different characteristics on an individual’s self-awareness. One of the most respected models is the Johari Window model. The model is a disclosure or feedback model related to self-awareness. It maps out information based on factors such as emotions, skills, and motivations concerning four different categories. 

The model has been found to have fostered profound change and delivered insights at a range of organizations. Our Johari Window PowerPoint template is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to explore its benefits and applications. 

Understand the use cases

This Johari Window PPT presentation template maps the relationship of different characteristics across four categories. These categories are:

  1. Open self
  2. Blind self
  3. Hidden self
  4. Unknown self

This pre-prepared set has covered the topic and its various applications using a range of visual assets. These include flow charts, graphs, and images. All of these are available in HD vector format, making them easy to edit and adapt. 

Don’t sweat with the designing process

Not a graphic designer? Don’t have significant experience drafting slideshows? Don’t worry! When creating this set, we recognized that not everyone has the same level of comfort and experience with the presentation creating process. This is why we’ve designed this set to make the process as easy as possible for you.

The slides in this set are all designed by professional graphic designers and slideshow creation experts. They ensure that at a baseline, all of the slides in this set are visually appealing. They also ensure that all of the slides are easy to edit and navigate. This means that you can easily add, remove, scale, and edit content. Further, these designers have created this layout in two different color schemes. Also, the set is based on a master slide, which will let you make uniform edits without any extra effort. Our designers have also worked on formatting it so that it is compatible with numerous applications. These include Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. 

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