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Lagos Map

Lagos Map

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Our fully customizable Lagos Map PPT template is ideal for business and educational presentations. Business professionals can leverage these versatile map diagrams to discuss legal compliances, challenges, and opportunities available in the largest city of Nigeria, i.e., Lagos. Educators can use these slides to explain geographical, historical, and economic aspects of Lagos to students. Professionals from the tourist industry can include these map diagrams in their presentations to demonstrate location-specific landmarks,  must-visit tourist destinations, and much more. Meteorologists can showcase the temperature and climatic conditions of various regions of this city.

What’s Inside the PPT?

  • One of the map diagrams showcases the towns and cities of Lagos.
  • An infographic of the Nigeria flag pin comes with enough space for text insertion.
  • An infographic of a slide man with the Nigeria flag can be used to depict the lesser-known facts about Lagos and Nigeria.
  • Icons of sample map pins are provided in a few slides. You are required to define your map pins and place them on the map to highlight any specific region of Lagos.
  • One of the PowerPoint slides demonstrates weather icons of cloud, sun, rain, snowfall, thunderstorm, etc.


  • You can represent your business presence or other crucial information on the map by simply changing the color of the region and adding an icon or a pin.
  • High-resolution graphics will quickly draw the audience’s attention.
  • It’s easy to copy any maps or icons from this deck and paste them into existing presentations. You can also use the slides standalone.
  • All the visuals are designed from scratch to ensure 100% originality and freedom from copyright infringement.

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