Lean Product Development

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Lean Product Development

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Download our Lean Product Development PowerPoint template to explain to your team how cost-effective and value-oriented products can be developed, minimizing waste. R & D experts, product managers, and product marketing managers can use this 100% editable, professionally-designed deck to discuss ways to enhance the system's overall throughput, optimize product outcomes, and reduce production costs. Entrepreneurs, startup owners, and senior executives can use this set to explain the need for redefining the product development process to decrease the cycle time. You can also use it to discuss how to build lean thinking and learning across different functional areas for revamping the overall production process. The uniquely-designed infographics and illustrations in stunning colors and shades will encourage viewers' participation and keep them hooked throughout the presentation. So, download it now!

What is Included in this PPT?

  • A well-designed diagram depicts the various phases that an individual goes through right before they entirely accept a change and move on with it, i.e., Denial, Resistance, Exploring, and Commitment.
  • An arrow-shaped infographic illustrates the core concept of lean development.
  • A beautifully-designed infographic with two circles and relevant vector icons presents two cyclic processes, i.e., Problem Validation and Solutions Validation & Scaling.
  • An infographic with a circular arrow illustrates the go-to lean tools to achieve continuous improvement and accelerate the product launch.
  • Steps in an effective lean product development process have been provided clearly and concisely.
  • A pyramid that defines the Product-Market Fit with five critical components; one in each layer. Each one is directly related to the levels below and above it.
  • An illustration presents the core of the lean innovation model and how its benefits can be reaped for organizational transformation effectiveness.
  • A cogwheel-shaped infographic depicts the major benefits of the lean development process.
  • An infographic presents the objectives of different stages and the requirements required to be fulfilled to succeed at each such stage.

Best-in-Class Features

  • All the icons, illustrations, and diagrams can be resized and recolored quickly as per your needs, without any comprehensive editing skills.
  • Reuse it as many times as you want after downloading it once.
  • High-resolution graphics make it possible to present on large screens without impacting the quality.
  • You can copy any diagram or infographic from this set and paste it in your in-progress and future presentations.
  • The deck offers perfect compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

 So, give our Lean Product Development PPT a try. Download it now!

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