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Lever and Fulcrum

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Together, lever and fulcrum comprises of one of the basic machines in physics. A lever is a simple rod or a rigid beam-like structure. It is hinged at a fixed point, which is known as a fulcrum. A lever can simply rotate on its point. Therefore, on the basis of the placement of the fulcrum, the effort, and the load, a lever can be of three types. Each machine can be used to perform a certain task. Since this basic machine plays a vital role in modern construction, everyone out there should be familiar with its functioning.

To educate your audience about its working, you can take the assistance of this editable Lever and Fulcrum PowerPoint template. It would be of a great help to educators and teachers as they can use these appealing graphics to explain the topic to their audience. Students can also use these illustrations to work on a project and stand out from the crowd. From trainers to professionals, everyone who wants to draft an informative slideshow on this topic can use this template.


  1. This is a professionally drafted set that will make it easier for you to explain the concept to your audience.
  2. In this set, the basic information regarding lever, fulcrum, load, and effort is provided. Additionally, different kinds of levers are also explained with the help of HD illustrations.
  3. Based on vector-based graphics, these slides are of high-quality and are extremely easy to edit.
  4. You can readily use these illustrations and include them in any other document of your choice as well. It is compatible with PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  5. The template is available in different color themes and comes with a dedicated customer support.

Using this set is extremely easy. All you need to do is download it once and make the required edits. Later, you can use these vectors time and time again to meet your requirements. Since these slides are quite informative and visually appealing, they will certainly make your job a whole lot easier. Not only would you be able to grab your audience's attention, but can also draft an aesthetically pleasing slideshow in no time.

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